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Imagine this: You are given the task of designing an all encompassing, first of its kind, week-long sports festival. What would YOU include in it or what elements would entice you to attend? Alternately, you are given the opportunity to design a week long festival. What type of festival would YOU create/design/be a part of? […]

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We believe that to be a PLAYmaker, you must embodied all that TO PLAY represents: inspiring & uniting people through sport and celebrating healthy living & encouraging balanced lifestyles. As such, we thought we would take the time to share with you what the PLAYmakers are up to over the next couple of months, which […]

So it has come to our attention that many people WANT to get involved in projects/in the community but they for whatever reason, just don’t know how or where to go. Here are some of our suggestions:  1. Figure out what interests you or if you don’t know that answer, talk to people, ask questions, […]

PLAY=carefree, in the moment, and is expressed in many forms (sports, creative arts, activities, etc). PLAY is not only essential for the human spirit but it can also bring people together for a great cause. On June 18th, 2009, the cause the TO PLAY team will PLAY for is the Scotia Bank’s 2009 Rat Race […]

  TO PLAY Toronto. Some of you may have heard of it, some of you may not have heard of it (if you are among the latter, you now have heard of it). What started as an idea is quickly becoming reality.  YOU ARE INVITED TO PLAY! It is finally here.  The festival you’ve been […]