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1. Name: Peter Rosenberger                           2. Position: Co-Founder / CEO         3. Zodiac Sign: LEO (naturally) 4. 3 words that best describe you: Confident – Understanding – Patient 5. Pet Peeve: Mediocrity 6. Favourite Colour: Teal 7. Favourite Book: The […]

Another beauty of a weekend has arrived!  The sun is shining, the boats are sailing, and somehow Torontonians seem to be finding their inner active soul stirring for them to get out and enjoy the weather. So, grab a pal, get outside and enjoy a game of frizbee, volleyball, go for a walk/run, toss a […]

Thanks to the creative geniuses and our friends at GoodBoy Clothing (, we are proud to unveil the very first piece of TO PLAY apparel entitled: the Golden tees. A limited edition collection, there are 25 floating around the city. Email to be one of the lucky 25!

The Scotiabank Rat Race for the United Way has come and gone and we are PROUD to say, the 5k was a success. We invite you to check out our Facebook page: TO PLAY Toronto for pics from the event. Wishing all of the fathers out there a very Happy Father’s Day and to the […]

Happy Monday People! Yeah that’s right. We said it. Happy Monday. See the thing with us PLAYmakers is that we don’t wait for someone to tell us it’s a “special” day, we MAKE everyday one to remember.  Thursday June 18th, 2009 will be one of those days. On that day, we will join hundreds as […]

1. Name: Tara Shanahan 2. Position: Director of Sales & Operations 3. Zodiac Sign: Capricorn 4. 3 words that best describe you: Driven Fiery Transparent – and by transparent I don’t mean because of my ghostly white complexion J 5. Pet Peeve: Environment that is not a meritocracy.   6. Favourite Colour: Cobalt Blue 7. […]

Dear Friends, We, the PLAYmakers are interested in getting to know YOU. As such, we invite you to take a minute to fill out this “it will take you no time at all” survey that will help us get to know you better. In addition, we are always interested in hearing your thoughts, suggestions, […]