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Kids, parents, athletes, people in general…. Play like you want to win, but not because you have to win. Play because you like to play, and want to play…not because you have to play. Play like no one is watching, even though in some cases they are. Remember what playing is…it’s a luxury, its a […]

Swingers Invitational Charity Ultimate Tournament Host: Swingers Type: Sports – Tournament Network: Global Start Time: Saturday, August 22, 2009 at 8:00am End Time: Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 2:00am Location: St.Mike’s Outdoor Field Street: St. Clair and Bathurst City/Town: Toronto, ON   View Map Email: REGISTER ONLINE AT: This invite is not valid registration! St. […]

This blog below is courtesy of MARK HEALY….M-A-R-K  H-E-A-L-Y one of our amazingly talented advisors of TO PLAY. This piece was actually written in September 2007 so while the 2009 NFL season is a couple months away, his analogy is still legit (just not the part about the Vikings being 1-0). If you or someone […]

So.. as we are typical Canadians, we tend to have an obsession with the weather. It seems to be the main topic at the office, waiting in line to get coffee, passing time with annoying adjacent ttc/gotrain riders (ahem* see previous post), and of course, during the awkward or complacent stages of dating. Now, I’m not arguing that […]

1. Name:    Brittany A. Mark 2. Position: Manager, Communications 3. Zodiac Sign:  Taurus 4. 3 words that best describe you:  Energetic, Sociable, Fun Loving 5. Pet Peeve: The common phone-tree assurance “Your call will be answered in the order received”        6. Favourite Colour:   Purple & Tiffany Blue 7. Favourite Book:  Outliers, Tuesday’s with […]

MY Games=Mississauga Youth Games ( Founded in 2005 by the very talented, ambitions, dedicated, and charismatic Louroz Mercader (, the Mississauga Youth Games is a FREE Olympic inspired event for youth in Mississauga. Its mission is “to create an inspirational and motivational setting that encourages young people to take part and succeed in sport.”   […]

It’s a chance to try a new sport or perhaps get reacquainted with one you played in the past. It’s a chance to meet new people and gather a group of friends/family together. It’s the chance TO PLAY in Toronto. Check one out or check all out: Toronto Sports & Social Club       […]