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That’s right everybody, as of early last week TO PLAY Family and Friends (that means you!) will be eligible to receive select discounts at various Toronto Raptor games, thanks to our good friends at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE). A portion of every ticket will be donated back to the TO PLAY Organization, so […]

Why do we do it? Why does a large percentage of humanity consistently over promise and under deliver? Is it an over confidence in our own abilities? Is it a fear of looking bad? Is it an underestimation of our time? What causes this seductive trap? Example 1: I went to my local seamstress to […]

Is this not an amazing time of year? Anticipation and excitement for the new NHL and NBA seasons create an optimism that will, more often than not, vanish from our hearts like autumn leaves falling to the ground (keeping in mind that all but ONE team in each sport will go home defeated). The human condition is strong and […]

Guest Blogger: Marysia Czarski, Facilitative Consultant and Executive Coach, Founder & Partner of Velocity Partnership (   The Power of Community It’s been almost 6 weeks (this post was written on September 15th) since my city’s municipal workers ended what seemed like a never ending strike.  It was almost 8 weeks that they were away from […]

I’m going to come right out and admit it: I don’t know sports. At least not anymore. Throughout my formative years I was enrolled in the usual litany of organized athletics: first soccer, then t-ball and baseball, then basketball. All with varying degrees of success. My longest stint has been as an avid sailor, which […]