First Quarter Action: let the incredibleness begin!


So here’s my latest thought: I, Joann Lim,  am going to play this 2010 year by quarters.

Rather than trying to swallow this year whole, I am going to set forth for myself FOUR quarterly challenges. Perhaps it’ll be a physical challenge (like riding a bike for 35 mins straight-I know what some of you may be saying, “that’s not very long”…it is for a girl who has patello-femoral in BOTH knees!) or an intellectual challenge (like taking a class of some sorts or learning a language) or a spiritual challenge (like practicing daily meditation). The options are endless.

The reality is I am prepared TO PLAY this year. I am ready TO PLAY this year and make it the Year of the INCREDIBLE.

First Quarter Action:

1. “Keep Fit/Have Fun”–> min. 4 training days a week including sports, yoga, strength training, and cardio

2. Read atleast 1 book/month

3. Begin learning Italian such that by the end of the quarter I can converse with my Nona using some Italian phrases and she will understand.

I will keep you posted on how my first quarter goes. Until then, I wonder how you will use your year. Will you give yourself a yearly goal, not make any goal(s), or maybe join me in the quarterly challenges?

The team who wins the four quarters, ultimately will win the game. Basketball has the NBA Championship, Football has the SuperBowl, and I (and you) have the Year of the Incredible. Let the incredibleness begin…


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