‘The Decision’ – The Difference Between Nibs & Twizzlers


As a fan of SPORT, I refuse to watch the media circus that is currently taking place on ESPN and all other affiliates.

How has this become such a spectacle? I get it that he is arguably one of the greatest players in the game right now. That’s fine. I get it that he will be making a huge decision that will change the lives of many people and corporations. That’s also fine. What I don’t get is the hour long television prime time event, given the name that sounds like it should be an episode of the Apprentice.

How do you justify this?

PR is a beautiful thing. It’s the difference between Nibs and Twizzlers.

The twist.

He’s donating the funds to his Boys & Girls Club? ok… he’s actually donating the advertising dollars from the ‘event’ to the Boys & Girls Club… it’s a great act of social responsibility. Kind of. The man will have so much money at his disposal that the money from the press conference will be nothing to him, and yes, everything to those boys & girls. But the money that stems from the press conference and all the hype (not discounting his skill level) will amount to much more over the years. Jersey sales, ticket sales, licensing deals, endorsements, hell, property value – all of this will rise wherever the ‘King’ decides to move, and yes, should he leave Cleveland it will have the opposite effect, but the footprint is in the sand.

Every story can be spun, and yes Lebron looks like the ‘good guy’ for making these donations, and ESPN is the gremlin who is making this a spectacle on national TV. But it’s the principle of the matter. WHY do you need to do this on national TV going into the weekend? It’s the reason why all press conferences are held. Publicity. Of course the media and fans are going to find out one way or another – why tarnish the integrity of sport while you’re at it?

He stayed in Cleveland.


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