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Tourism Toronto was front and center at the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) this week in Atlanta, home of the 1996 Olympic Games. With the Pan Am Games now officially slated for Toronto in 2015, the case for TO PLAY Toronto grows stronger. Looking forward to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and a […]



Here in NY, the football talk of last week centered on Woody Johnson, owner of the NY Jets, and his assurances that his Jets would make the PLAYoffs this season. Well well well. After a last-second defeat yesterday at home, the Jets are truly headed home with seven more potentially painful games (for the fan that is) yet […]

Is this not an amazing time of year? Anticipation and excitement for the new NHL and NBA seasons create an optimism that will, more often than not, vanish from our hearts like autumn leaves falling to the ground (keeping in mind that all but ONE team in each sport will go home defeated). The human condition is strong and […]

Another day TO PLAY here in NY. Heading to the Giants home opener – the SUV is packed with grill, charcoal, everything needed to kick-off the season. Our neighbors even have a site – take a look at for a peak into the subculture we call tailgating. It’s been a great week for Sports – […]

There is a time when you realize that we are not forever. In many instances, this awareness begins with a friend, family member, a parent. The nightly news details sad and mostly tragic stories with no end in sight – but largely about those whom we have not met. Thirty years ago next month, my […]