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As a fan of SPORT, I refuse to watch the media circus that is currently taking place on ESPN and all other affiliates. How has this become such a spectacle? I get it that he is arguably one of the greatest players in the game right now. That’s fine. I get it that he will […]

Looking through our blog posts, it just dawned on us that April 2010 marks the one year anniversary of the The PLAYmakers blog. As such, we wanted to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU to all our readers for your continued interest and support of TO PLAY. We look forward to celebrating many more […]

Come one, come all, It’s Time TO PLAY! Join the playmakers and our favourite people as we take in the action when the Toronto Raptors take on the Chicago Bulls in what could be one of the most exciting games of the season. The Raps currently sit in the 8th and final spot of the […]

Read this article in the March 15th issue of Sports Illustrated, and I couldn’t NOT post it – it was written by Chris Ballard, author The Art of a Beautiful Game. Enjoy: ———————————————————— Next month my father turns 71, and by all measures medical and practical he shouldn’t be playing basketball. Six years ago he […]

Hey Everyone, It’s GUEST BLOGGER TIME! Today’s Guest Blogger is Marysia Czarski from Velocity-Partnerships ( The blog below is from her original post made on February 25th, 2010. What does a Gold Medal Performance look like to you? Last night (February 24th) Joannie Rochette won a bronze medal in women’s figure skating. If I was […]

You know you want to. We know you want to. So let’s make it happen.  On Sunday April 11th, 2010, come join the PLAYmakers and everyone you know as our Toronto Raptors take on the Chicago Bulls in their second last home game of the season. The discount tickets are in, we just need you […]

That Timmy’s commercial with Sidney Crosby still gives me goosebumps every time I see it… Last week I heard a story that hit home with me…and for no real reason other than the fact it was a genuine feel good story. No barriers were crushed, no obstacles overcome, no ‘Road to the Gold’ mentality…it was […]